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For your employees, quality emotional care.
TanzMED can help your company, more productivity and fewer leaves, with a focus on ROI and positive clinical outcome.


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Why does your company need
emotional health care?


of employees exhibit physical or psychological illness due to mental health issues.


of employees have impaired productivity due to psychological problems.


of business turnover is caused by mental health problems.

31 days

not worked per year, per employee: it happens due to causes related to emotional health.

Mental health based on value delivery
for the contributor

Consultations with TanzMed psychologists and psychiatrists, with a selected and trained clinical staff.


Care tracks with progress bar and educational content in the form of articles, videos, lives, guided exercises and ebooks.


Lectures, training and literacy with qualified specialists.


for the company

Population mapping with

  • Classification of the population into different levels of care.
  • Continuous measurement of each employee's self-assessment and NPS.
  • Follow-up of the professionals' assessment of the population.

Personalized care protocols for each population profile. Unique treatments for unique people.


emotional health consulting

Periodic meetings with our emotional health managers help you define action plans for your teams.


Transform your company climate and culture

Measurable results


of clinical improvement of the employees after the conclusion of the program.


of reducing the levels of mental disorders.


of clinical improvement of the employees after the conclusion of the program.



  • Annual cost with health plan (loss ratio).
  • Cost of replacement, recruitment and training (turnover).
  • Number of absences (absenteeism).


  • Relief of employees' symptoms.
  • Motivation, self-knowledge and quality of life.
  • Increased productivity by up to 35%.

Evolution of emotional health

Average score of the population of our clients, who respond to self-assessments throughout the entire program.


Self-assessment before the program


Self-assessment after the program

*Based on the decrease in health plan claims, turnover costs, absenteeism and presenteeism.

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