There is an urgent need to scale Healthcare access finance.

TanzMED has built an innovative platform with the aim to be an integral and  essential component of Healthcare landscape, by easing access to high-quality, affordable, and personable primary healthcare services to the community.

In Africa, 11 million people are in poverty as a result of using their household income to access essential healthcare services.

Why Invest on Us

  • Assisted over 256,000+ patients with personalized health tools
  • Wide reach, 3,000,000+ users visits per year
  • One stop App for all health issues
  • We have unified big data, many solutions can be built on top of it without reengeneering.
  • Recognized by reputable Organizations/Institutions such as MCC/PEPFAR & Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH). 
  • Our platform is scalable, it can be expanded to any targeted market
  • We have partnered with some World leading Tech giants


Help us easy to patients access to healthcare information and decision support tools.

Our aim is to transform the way patients access healthcare services and tools in Africa. Do you want to join us? Please get in touch